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Anna Popil
Anna Popil
Anna Popil (°1998 - Ukraine) was born in a family of professional musicians. Her parents guided her in developing a deep love for music since childhood. At the age of 5 it was already clear Anna possessed the remarkable talent for playing the violin. It was then that she started her studies at a specialized music school at which she graduated with success in 2015 with her teacher Maria Futorska-Hereha. After that she studied with Igor Pylatiuk at the Lviv Academy of Music where she finished her Bachelor degree. Even while studying, Anna is already active as a violinist by taking part in international competitions, masterclasses, festivals.

She has even performed solo, in chamber music ensembles and with orchestras in Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Slovakia. Anna is a prizewinner of the competitions in Ukraine (Chamber music competition in Lviv, 2012, International festival-competition of performing arts "Khortytsia Chords" in Zaporizhia, 2015, Second International Contest-Festival of Arts "Stankovych fest" in Zakarpattia, 2018), Poland (Competition "Z etiudą za pan brat" in Lublin, 2008) and Slovakia (International competition of Bohdan Warchal „Talents for Europe", 2010).

Because of Anna's musical family she learned how music can bring people together and create a strong feeling of solidarity. Music doesn't only help one understand him- or herself but it also helps to understand each other.

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